Navigato is a problem-solving complex solution for B2B and B2C

  • A robust SaaS platform
  • Mobile apps
  • Dedicated hardware IoT controllers

All these things give a bunch of features to business and end users. If you want to monitor your charging stations without disassembling parts and make difficult integrations or you are a private customer and want to share your home, office and snack bar energy for public use with a fee or for free.

Dedicated IoT controllers:

1. Unique hardware device with switchable programmed RFID tag for all operating modes.

  • I2C, UART … a lot of interfaces for direct communication with charging station, if the client required them.
  • ARM based controller with GSM modem for M2M comm
  • In extended version includes TFT display.

2. The controller for home use, which is installed before the home charger, also includes GSM modem for connectivity.

All devices will be EU and US standards certified.

Comming soon

New H2H freemium service

Our first M2M service provider

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